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How to Waste The Time

While it is very easy for some to waste a huge amount of time, a handful of others may find it very difficult to do so. And that’s not because they don’t know what to do in order to waste their time, but because they don’t have anything to do at You may be there in your room sitting next to your computer clueless of what to do. You may be on the plane, car, at school, your workplace, in the church, at a sleepover, or wherever you may be, and suddenly things turn out badly for you, into a boring situation where you’re out of idea of things to do to keep the time passing. But don’t worry, I have an idea for almost every single situation you may be in, so choose one from below. Remember, if you can’t find your situation here, throw me a comment and I’ll work on it as soon as possible.

[The tips are coming soon, so please stay tuned!]

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