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The Best Luggage Travel Bags

Planning to travel? Are you looking for the latest 2013 trending travel bags that are affordable? Well you’re at the right place! Pick your luggage style:

Travel bags for women

women's-handbagFashionable travel bags are essential to any lady who plans to make a fancy travel. Things like fancy handbags, a purse and a well-designed bag are a priority. Here are some brand travel bags ladies may love to have, with an estimated price for each:

Brand / Name Description Color Price (USD)
Dakine Women’s EQ Large travel bag Savannah $50
Keen Brooklyn II Travel bag Hot Coral $60
Dakine Diva Travel bag; handbag Vienna $35
Hello Kitty Comic Pop Travel bag Multi $20
Trina Cosmetic Bag Travel makeup bag Multi $40
Buxton Women’s Peyton 15.6-inch laptop tote Black; Brown $40

Travel bags for men

men's-travel-bagThere are lots of men who may be satisfied with whatever they can get, in terms of travel bags. Some would say, “if it’s a bag and can hold my personal belongings, I’m fine with it.” In other words, if it’s a luggage, then I can do with it. However, there are indeed some guys who are selective in this kind of stuff. Or, there are some guys who have little or no idea of what kind of baggage they need or would like to use for their travels. That’s the reason we have made the following list of suggested brand travel baggage for men, with an estimated price for each:

Brand / Name Description Color Price (USD)
Burton Wheelie Overnight Travel bag True Black $170
Dakine Over Under Travel bag Premier $98
Convertible Leather Duffel Bag Travel bag Black; Tan $250
Clava Tuscan Leather Laptop tote Cafe; Tan $176
Bodhi Bag Laptop tote Black; Deep Purple $398

Travel bags for kids

kids-travel-bagUsually, kids don’t need extra-fancy or separate kinds of baggage for traveling. This means that kids can be accustomed to any kind of baggage. For instance, a girl may use any baggage that grownup women are accustomed to, while a boy can use any baggage that men use. That been said, many kids may prefer kiddie styles, hence our listing of brand travel bags for kids, with an estimated price for each baggage:

Brand / Name Description Color Price (USD)
Marona Floral Laptop tote handbag Navy $40
Wildkin Big Dots Aqua Rolling duffel bag Blue; Purple $47
Sidewinder TSA 3-pc. Luggage collection Silver $360
Hello Kitty ABS Travel bag Black $43
The O3 Kids’ Luggage and Backpack Set Multi-purpose Black; Blue $95

Personalized travel bags

Some people may actually prefer personalized or custom travel bags. It’s quite a good taste of fashion. The tricky part of it though is that it may be really challenging to find a reliable company that could fulfill one’s personalized baggage wishes. When it comes to personalized bags, we hesitate to list any particular business or company that claims to have your wishes ready. We leave it up to you to shop around — you know your taste and know when you find something particularly interesting to you!

Wine travel bags

Wine travel bags are really important if your voyage will involve wines. Here’s a list of some brand wine travel bags we believe you may be intrigued by, with their estimated prices:

Brand / Name Description Color Price (USD)
Vinnibag Bag Wine travel bag $28
Mulholland Brothers All Leather Two-bottle Wine Carrier Lariat Leather / Stout Leather $380
Wine Travel Case Wine travel case Burgundy $26

Travel toiletry bags

When traveling a long distance, it is necessary to have at least one travel toiletry bag. Here’s a list we compiled of brand travel toiletry bags:

Brand / Name Description Color Price (USD)
Traveling Light Hanging Toiletry bag Lime; Midnight $40
Tradewinds Bag Travel toiletry bag Black $4 each; must buy 70 or more
AmeriLeather Bag Travel toiletry bag Black; Brown $43

Leather travel bags

When buying travel bags, some people prefer leather travel bags to any of other fabrics, mostly because leather is stronger (than suede anyways). It’s up to you to determine what fabric to choose when you’re planning to buy some travel bags. Things like the duration and distance of your voyage should determine your need for stronger, high-end baggage.

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