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Your Boyfriend or Your Passion?

“I don’t want you to be a dancer. You will have to choose between your dancing and me!”

angry-boyfriendThere has been at least one scenario where a man asks his woman to choose between him and her passion. Usually, the girl has a favorite activity or job or career that conflicts with the interests of his man, making the man to give her the difficult options. A girl once asked in a dating conference, “My boyfriend asked me to choose either him or my passion; what should I do?” In one situation, the girl’s passion is soccer. In another, the lady loves skiing a lot. The boyfriend in each situation would rather break up than have his girlfriend retain her passion. So what should you do? This is rather a very easy choice to make. Choose your passion, and then you will find a man who loves you AND your passion!

Seriously, what sane man would look his wife or girlfriend in the eyes and say “I don’t want you to be a dancer. You will have to choose between your dancing and me!”?! This actually happens. I would immediately choose dancing. Not at all too difficult of a choice. Can you guess what would happen if you decide to choose him over your passion? You will most likely develop a long lasting depression for forcing away your passion. And as days go by, your man will find other things you do that he doesn’t like, and will most likely give you the options of either him or the things you like to do!

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Dump You

Sign You're Getting Dumped (Image)
A sign you’re getting dumped.

It has actually come to seem very difficult to lose your boyfriend. But in reality though, doing just as few as these little things will make your boyfriend dump you for sure.

  1. Always show up late to all dating arrangements you make with him.
  2. Whenever he has a “big game” going on, such as the great Superbowl, or some other event he loves, make sure you prevent him from attending or watching it! This one is kinda risky though, but you can do it.
  3. You should always show up whenever he is hanging out with his male friends. Remember, since you’re his girlfriend it means his whole life must be about you! Don’t let him have a rest with his family members, at all.
  4. You should always bite your nails in his face. Fart whenever possible. Be yourself all the time, even if you have some odd manners that could be difficult to withstand by an average Joe.
  5. Keep talking to him about your hair. Keep telling him long stories about your personal adventures. Bore him to sleep everyday.
  6. Whenever he calls you and makes an appointment with you, you should agree, and then cancel at the last minute before the event. Even more effective — don’t show up and don’t notify him in any way.
  7. Complain and whine to him whenever you see him around other girls. Remember, you should be the only girl he knows. You know, the day you two agreed to be romantically involved is the day he must disown and denounce his previous female friends.
  8. Always tell your boyfriend about things you heard about him. Tell him how some people told you they suspect he’s cheating on you (apparently the idiots that tell you these things are jealous of your relationship but who cares).
  9. Tell a lie to save yourself every single time. Piss him off, then apologize, and then repeat the same wrong you did, then apologize and so on.
  10. Whenever he advances to you for a romance time, tell him you’re not ready. Do it like eight out of ten times, in fact do it all the time for more effectiveness.

Good luck getting dumped!

Posted with permission from Thanks for the laugh, JokeFella!

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How to Avoid or Handle an Awkward Silence

Awkward silences – we all go through that once in a while. It’s really uncomfortable especially when you’re talking with someone you’re meeting the first time. Before listing ways of preventing or avoiding an awkward silence, let’s first see the different types of it:

How awkward is it?

There’s an awkward silence that occurs between friends. This one is fair, as friends can deal with such things since they already know each other very well. Having said that, an awkward silence between family members is a little bit more unbearable. The worst scenario is an awkward silence occurring between two strangers who are just recently getting to know each other for the first time, during a conversation. Sometimes, the worst can be an awkward silence that happens during a presentation to the public.

Preventing an awkward silence

So the first question is, how can one prevent an awkward silence? Is that even possible? Well yes, it is preventable. Amongst family and friends, the best way is to keep some music playing in the background while the conversation is going on. You can leave a TV on instead, if possible. In this way, there’s something that would fill up the quietness, making it less of a silence, and in some cases making it no silence at all. If there’s no silence, there wouldn’t be an awkward silence!
Other instances of awkward silences, such as during presentation or conversation between newly met people can be prevented by constantly looking at your cellphone once in a while as if you have some messages or updates from someone else. You can also prevent the occurrence by wearing some headphones or ear buds, or by looking elsewhere every once in a while.

Handling an awkward silence that has already occurred

Once it has occurred, that particular occurrence cannot be prevented, because, well it has occurred. The easiest solution for family and friends is to yell “awkward!” and laugh it off.
Solution for newly met people or presenters is a little bit challenging, but worth it. Just say any thing you can think of to break the awkward silence. Say something like:
“Gotta love the awkward silence!”
“There it is!”
“Awkward silences are not so awkward nowadays.”
“Meanwhile in Soviet Russia, awkward silences happen too.”
“So, this is what an awkward silence feels like.”

Saying any of those things is guaranteed to break the silence, as chances are people will laugh. Then you should not wait — you are to use this opportunity to keep things going, or perhaps it’s time to bid a farewell, concluding the conversation or presentation.

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Girls: How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Often, some girls find it very difficult to ask a guy out.

Some girls keep waiting to be asked out.
Some girls keep waiting to be asked out.
Even in this modern era when equality between men and women has been greatly increased, many women have been unable to make the first move or even express their feelings to the men they like[1]. However, good news are slowly arriving as our culture evolves rapidly.

Why can’t girls ask guys out?

Ladies can ask guys out, but there are really more problems with that than when guys ask girls out. This could be due to the historical gender role culture that existed globally, in which the ladies were considered as great treasures that men should be appreciative of having and should handle with care and respect, such as when men were socially required to remove their hats in the presence of women[2]. But however this has come to be, there needs to be a way out of it for the girls — I mean the fact that a girl has to wait to be asked out.

How to ask a guy out

In a dating advice conference, a girl asked, “can I ask a guy out?” And another asked later, “how do I tell the guy I like that I like him?” For the first question the answer is obviously yes. But for the second one, well, the answer is somewhat easy but difficult to deliver. Here’s what you should do:

First, you should not be afraid of rejection, as this is usually what hinders girls from making the first move, thus having to wait and wait. Don’t do that. He will either say yes or no, which is what you would also answer if someone guy asks you out.
The big problem in this world is that it is somewhat a taboo for a girl to ask a guy out (some may believe or think that the girl is slutty).
I’m a guy and I would usually run away from any girl that asks me out, and afterwards I would have no more respect for the girl ever again. But this is the opposite for my male friends. Trust me, some guys are looking for whatever they can get, which means that they may value girls that ask them out.

Also, there are guys who are so picky, but might accept a girl who asks them out, if the girl meets their standards.
The bottom line is, do not be afraid. Just ask him out in case he might have some feeling for you as well. The only way you can find out is by asking him out now before another girl does and he accepts her, giving you a longtime emotional pain.
A friend once said in a conversation on this topic, “Out of five times that I’ve ever asked girls out, I was rejected once. I thought I would have been rejected by all of them, even though I secretly cried for that one time that I was rejected.”

So you’ve really got nothing to lose by making the first move. It’s always a hit or miss when you try, but always a miss when you don’t.
What to say to him? Any of these might work:

Would you go out with me?
Would you go out with me if I asked you out?
Wanna go out?
Wanna go out with me?
I think I like you.
I think I like you. Let’s go out.
I think I like you. Wanna go out?

Showing him signs you like him

While some people say this strategy is awesome[3], I personally don’t think it is as effective as it is made to seem. For example if all a girl does when she sees me is flirt or show all sorts of signs, I would simply assume she’s only being flirty. But still, this is just me, and many other guys may be different. My tip is that you should actually ask out the guy you really like or love.

Does it matter where you met him?

No. Whether you met the guy at college, club, travel, tourism, meetup etc, the result would still be either yes or no when you ask him out. The exception is at work where you may get in trouble if flirting and display of affection are not celebrated there.

Good luck, and share your thoughts by commenting below if you have tried asking a guy out before, and what the outcome was. Guys can share their thoughts too!

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What Should I Get My Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Get her something that would make her stand out from other girls.
Get her something that would make her stand out from other girls.
Thinking about what you should get your woman this Valentine’s Day, or how to surprise her? You’re at the right place!
Whether your wallet is full or you’re almost broke, you can get something reasonable for her. Here are the top six things we suggest you get your girl:

  1. A new pair of shoes. Make sure you know the size she wears. If you want to surprise her, then don’t ask her about her shoe size when a holiday is around the corner or when it’d be obvious you’re trying to buy her shoes.
  2. A new dress, or pair of pants. The same size and surprise issues as in list number one apply to this one as well.
  3. A hair dryer or straightener. Make sure she doesn’t already have one.
  4. A handheld video game console. Yes, she will appreciate it, trust me!
  5. Flowers. Duh! Get more romantic by giving her flowers along with any other gift you choose to give her.
  6. Jewelries. Surprise her with a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings.

There are lots of other things a girl may expect from her boyfriend. You have been in a relationship with her for a while. You probably know her strengths and weaknesses by now. Give some of the strengths as gifts to her. For example if she usually wanted you to visit her family with her, and this is usually a difficult thing for you to do, you should offer to do this for her as a gift for the Valentine’s Day!

How to surprise her

Like I said on how a girl can surprise her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, guys should use their fortunate common sense to know original ways to surprise their girlfriends. My suggestion is to mail her the present — to her workplace, school, church or home. Or you can give her the present hand-to-hand and watch her open it.

Have fun with your woman this Valentine’s Day!

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What Should I Get My Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Some guys are cool with simple presents like a wristwatch.
Some guys are cool with simple presents like a wristwatch.
If you’re a girl, you may have been asking, “How do I surprise my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?” Well, we’ve got an answer for you! You don’t have to worry anymore. One good thing about guys is that they don’t always expect you to break the bank in order to get them a nifty present.

What Should I Get My Guy Friend for Valentine’s Day?

Well, as you may know, guys tend to like electronics for gifts. According to Squidoo, the top best electronic gifts of 2012 and 2013 are:

  1. Tablet device such as the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Surface or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Can’t afford any of these? Then look through the rest of this list for more choices.
  2. Portable music player or MP3 players such as the Samsung Galaxy Android MP3 Player, Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPod Nano or Apple iPod Shuffle.
  3. Camera (point and shoot) such as the Canon Power Shot, Panasonic LUMIX, Sony DSC or Olympus XZ.
  4. Camcorder such as the Flip UltraHD, Panasonic HDC, Canon Vixia HF, Sony HDR or Toshiba Camileo.
  5. Laptop! Come on, it’s worth it for your man. Get him a laptop such as the MacBook Pro, Samsung Chromebook or Dell Inspiron.
  6. Cellphone — your guy may have broken or lost his cellphone, or he may have been old school enough to be rocking a “low-end” or feature-lacking phone. If any of these is true, then get him a superior cellphone such as the latest Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX or HTC Evo LTE.
  7. Video game console! For some reason, I see guys whenever video games are mentioned. You may have known by now if your boyfriend likes video games or not. If so, get him one of these; if not, then still get him one of these: video game console such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii. If you can’t afford any of those, then get him a portable video game console such as the Sony PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS or Sony PSP 3000.

There are lots of other cool stuffs guys would expect from their women. Inexpensive things such as simple wristwatches, hats, sunglasses can be pleasant too. Some people say that if you can’t afford any of all these things we mentioned then it means you cannot afford a boyfriend! Okay I made that one up.

How to surprise him

There are several ways of doing so, and it is your duty to use your fortunate common sense to come up with something original to make it more interesting. One tip is to mail him the present — to his workplace, school, church or home. Another idea is to give him the present hand-to-hand and watch him open it.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day with your guy!
If you’re a guy, then see “how do I surprise my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

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Top Five Scents Guys Like on Women

Often, some girls don’t worry about how they smell when they are around other girls. However, they tend to become very self-aware whenever they are around guys.

Seven in ten girls have low self esteem in that they believe they don’t measure up in some way, such as looks, smartness and other social measures.[1] Often, some girls don’t worry about how they smell when they are around other girls. However, they tend to become very self-aware whenever they are around guys. Interesting fact is, although the majority of guys I know do not actually care about what a girl smells like, quite a handful of them actually admire girls that smell really nice. There are however, men who like natural smell of women.[2] Having said that, the majority of guys that I know like when women have certain scents. According to Yahoo! Shine,[3] here are the top five scents that guys love on women:

  1. Coconut
  2. Tommy Girl Lotion and Coco by Coco Chanel
  3. Citrus
  4. Vanilla
  5. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

I advise you not to worry about what you smell like amidst guys, but if you really need to get fancy then do it well by starting with the above!

Photo credit: Trang

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How to Hug

Hugs are generally a great way to display affection and mutual relief, and people should make the most of it whenever they have the opportunity.

It is surprising to know that some people still do not know how to hug. The other day, I overheard someone ask how to hug, in a real life counseling conference. Well, I’d rather go on to solve this, rather than to show endless expressions of surprise.a big hug I would also like to make it clear that I have a remarkable experience in hugging!

But first, let’s remind ourselves what a hug is. A hug is a near universal form of physical intimacy, in which two people put their arms around the neck, back, or waist of one another and hold each other closely [1] . I have observed three types of hug.

Let’s see the three major types of hug:

  1. The friendly hug. This is a hug between friends, just to express happiness, welcome, victory, relief or celebration. This is the most popular form of hug. It can also include the group hug, which is just a friendly hug between three or more persons.
  2. The hug of intimacy. This one is deeper. It is often longer than the friendly hug, and can involve a little kissing on the cheek. It is mainly between a couple in a romantic relationship, or a natural parental affectionate with own infants or children, or natural affectionate within siblings, or such a natural family affectionate intimacy. Does cuddling count as a hug? You bet it does. It’s a hug of intimacy.
  3. The hug of fear, frustration or protection. This is particularly when a couple (either familiar with or strange to each other) are in imminent danger. They are facing a horrible threat or danger, and therefore are trying to gain protection from each other by cuddling (come on, that word shouldn’t be applied to this kind of situation! Oh well). You probably don’t want to learn more about this one, since our scope is to help brighten your day, not dampen it!

So how do you hug?
Although hugs can be made without the couple directly facing each other, it is of my witness that facing each other while hugging is more popular.
I’d like to focus on the hug of intimacy here. Let’s take for example, a hug between a fiance (a guy engaged to marry) and his fiancee (his potential future wife). For this hug to be an intimate one, the girl should put her arms around his man’s back or neck during the hug. The guy should put his arms around her hips. For non-romantically affiliated individuals, or for those who just want to have a non-intimate hug, the guy should put his arms around the female’s back or neck, instead of her hips.

Hugs are generally a great way to display affection and mutual relief, and people should make the most of it whenever they have the opportunity.

Photo credit: Andy

[1] “Hug.” Wikipedia. Retrieved 30 Dec. 2012 <>.

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Boyfriend Dumped Me For No Reason

The problem is that the reason may not be feasible or yet understood, causing you the victim, the girl, to speculate that there was no reason for the sudden break up.

Whenever a girl is suddenly “dumped” without prior notice, the first thing that comes to the mind of an average girl is, “boyfriend dumped me for no reason.” For the record, I don’t appreciate the word “dump” here. A lot of guys often just feel like ending a relationship regardless the situation, according to a body building forum [1] which had a guy asking for help in breaking up with his girl for no reason, meaning that there are really chances a guy may break up with you for no feasible reason. That been said, there is actually always a reason! [2] The problem is that the reason may not be feasible or yet understood, causing you the victim, the girl, to speculate that there was no reason for the sudden break up.

What did I do wrong to deserve this?
One thing to be thankful for is that it is better to assume that there’s no reason for the sudden break up, than to think you’re the one at fault. Often, you cannot prevent a breakup by pleasing or not pleasing your boyfriend. You may have been thinking, “he dumped me because he saw me talking to another guy,” or “I gained a couple of pounds,” or “I didn’t satisfy him intimately.” But, chances are, he broke up with you just for his comfort. You don’t deserve the broken heart, however, some guys are just like that. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but a guy might decide to end a relationship if he thinks the relationship is going in the way of things he likes to do most. I infer from that sense, that that’s the reason some guys are unwilling to tell their ladies why the relationship has to end.

Can I find out why my boyfriend dumped me?
It could be for some really secret reasons which he thinks could jeopardize his personal plans and such if he makes it known to you or anyone else for that matter. Thus, if this is the case, then there’s virtually nothing you could do to find out why he decided to depart from the relationship.

But can I get him back?
When it comes to this serious matter, it is important to be straight to the point with no sugarcoating. That’s the reason I’m going to encourage you to forget about that relationship. It may be true you have been “attached” to him and he kind of means a part of your life to you now, but trust me, you should put a reasonable amount of effort to get him back only if you’re married to him. Otherwise, call it a day– give yourself the break that you deserve, and then, be on the look for another soul mate. This is all if he has refused to tell you why he broke up with you.

What if he later wants me back?
Obviously, when a guy breaks up with you without telling you why and then later wants you back, it should signify to you that he’s using you “on demand.” And by that, I mean that, he’s more likely to drop you again without telling you why, and this time around he may get a new girlfriend to “permanently” replace you! I have witnessed closely some of the dating affairs of some of my friends and relatives, and I have observed this kind of issue happen several times in a row that one of my friends decided to be single until she found a serious soul mate.

The outcome and exceptions
The only exception I can think of is if, on his return he explains to you why he had previously ended the relationship, and why he couldn’t tell you the reason at the time he broke up with you. You should then use your fortunate common sense to judge whether the excuses are liable or not to cause further unwarranted breakups. If you believe the excuses are unjust, then reject him boldly. But if you believe the excuses are “worth it,” then feel free to accept him back. But hold on there– no matter what choice you make, it is important to note that this isn’t an official piece of advice, and that you should consult a professional before making decisions based on my wonderful tips and explanations.

Photo credit: bagito16

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