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Things to do this Mother’s Day

May 2013 — As the Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so is the mood of many people changing rapidly. While some of us are getting into a better mood, others are falling down the stairs, literally — just because the Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

When kids and husband are not at reach.
When kids and husband are not at reach.
Some mothers, especially single ones, are seriously worried for no known reason. I mean if you’re worried as you’re reading this and I ask you why you’re worried you’ll have nothing to say within ten seconds.

To help control this craziness, we have compiled a little fun list of to-dos for both either the mother and the parent, spouse, or child of the mother. From the perspective of what celebs (mother or not) have been doing so far, to recipes for delicious eatables, you’ll get tons of ideas of what to do this Mother’s Day. Do these for the mom:

  • By surprise, take her to a vacation. When we say vacation here, we mean a serious one. Kim Kardashian recently went to Greece and tried out something we would all consider weird and fishy – a fish therapy. It’s where you put your feet into a fish aquarium and let the many fish kiss and bite your feet gently. This particular aquarium, or whatever it’s called, was built for this purpose with the fish. From seeing Kim Kardashian freaking out during this therapy, one may conclude that it’s something pleasurable, fun and worthwhile to try!
  • Check out super tasty recipes to prepare for the day. Don’t let her cook on Mother’s Day. Don’t order fast food either. You should prepare some tasty meal like pancakes, waffles, French toast, or quiche for breakfast or brunch. Finalize the meal with even great desserts like lemon desserts such as lemon pudding cake or lemon macaroons.
  • Create a handmade greeting card. Use color pencils, a cardboard paper, a pair of scissors, a set of varicolored permanent markers, and your imagination. Write a brief, greeting message that contains a bit of sense of humor. You may want to mention what happened a few days ago.
  • By surprise, take her to the movies to watch any movie she requests which is playing now.
  • Do a lot of chores!

To the mothers, we hope you have a very fantastic Mother’s Day! And remember, record it in your journal or diary if your loved ones forget the Mother’s Day or deliberately do nothing for you on that day. Okay that’s me joking around. Well, have a good one!

Poprama‘s advice to single mothers: stay strong. Take your dog for a walk. Visit parks. Go out often. Take a walk. If you have kids then that’s a bonus. Do not expect a lot from them, but the fact they are there is kind of a present! Once again, Happy Mother’s Day!

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