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What is VetNet? – Google Launches VetNet

Soldier celebrates re-enlistment with Iraqi ‘Swamp Cops’

vetnet logo Today, Google™ made it known via its homepage that it has launched a new initiative known as VetNet, for veterans. VetNet is “a career service for those who’ve served,” it’s an online service that allows veterans to get their “resume and career search skills squared away, connect with industry leaders, fellow veterans and spouses,” and attend classes to learn how to start their own businesses.[1]
Judging from the fact that hundreds of thousands of veterans were labelled as looking for jobs in 2011,[2] a handful of our soldiers end up jobless after their return from service, though the unemployment rate has been dropping since then.[3] We can see the importance of constantly having stronger programs, services and initiatives to support our veterans and make sure they have normal standards of living at least like an average citizen. It can be really upsetting to turn from being a soldier to being a civilian, only to find out you will be jobless and potentially homeless.

vetnethqTransitioning from military to civilian life can be stressful, particularly when you’re burdened with the responsibility of going through a series of job hunts, filling out endless forms and asking for professional help. But with this new initiative, things are expected to be easier, as those organizations that you would have had to separately communicate with “have combined forces to create one, easy place to start.”[4] And that’s the VetNet HQ (short for Veterans Network HQ), allegedly powered through Google+™ and other tidbits of Google.

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