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Boyfriend Dumped Me For No Reason

The problem is that the reason may not be feasible or yet understood, causing you the victim, the girl, to speculate that there was no reason for the sudden break up.

Whenever a girl is suddenly “dumped” without prior notice, the first thing that comes to the mind of an average girl is, “boyfriend dumped me for no reason.” For the record, I don’t appreciate the word “dump” here. A lot of guys often just feel like ending a relationship regardless the situation, according to a body building forum [1] which had a guy asking for help in breaking up with his girl for no reason, meaning that there are really chances a guy may break up with you for no feasible reason. That been said, there is actually always a reason! [2] The problem is that the reason may not be feasible or yet understood, causing you the victim, the girl, to speculate that there was no reason for the sudden break up.

What did I do wrong to deserve this?
One thing to be thankful for is that it is better to assume that there’s no reason for the sudden break up, than to think you’re the one at fault. Often, you cannot prevent a breakup by pleasing or not pleasing your boyfriend. You may have been thinking, “he dumped me because he saw me talking to another guy,” or “I gained a couple of pounds,” or “I didn’t satisfy him intimately.” But, chances are, he broke up with you just for his comfort. You don’t deserve the broken heart, however, some guys are just like that. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but a guy might decide to end a relationship if he thinks the relationship is going in the way of things he likes to do most. I infer from that sense, that that’s the reason some guys are unwilling to tell their ladies why the relationship has to end.

Can I find out why my boyfriend dumped me?
It could be for some really secret reasons which he thinks could jeopardize his personal plans and such if he makes it known to you or anyone else for that matter. Thus, if this is the case, then there’s virtually nothing you could do to find out why he decided to depart from the relationship.

But can I get him back?
When it comes to this serious matter, it is important to be straight to the point with no sugarcoating. That’s the reason I’m going to encourage you to forget about that relationship. It may be true you have been “attached” to him and he kind of means a part of your life to you now, but trust me, you should put a reasonable amount of effort to get him back only if you’re married to him. Otherwise, call it a day– give yourself the break that you deserve, and then, be on the look for another soul mate. This is all if he has refused to tell you why he broke up with you.

What if he later wants me back?
Obviously, when a guy breaks up with you without telling you why and then later wants you back, it should signify to you that he’s using you “on demand.” And by that, I mean that, he’s more likely to drop you again without telling you why, and this time around he may get a new girlfriend to “permanently” replace you! I have witnessed closely some of the dating affairs of some of my friends and relatives, and I have observed this kind of issue happen several times in a row that one of my friends decided to be single until she found a serious soul mate.

The outcome and exceptions
The only exception I can think of is if, on his return he explains to you why he had previously ended the relationship, and why he couldn’t tell you the reason at the time he broke up with you. You should then use your fortunate common sense to judge whether the excuses are liable or not to cause further unwarranted breakups. If you believe the excuses are unjust, then reject him boldly. But if you believe the excuses are “worth it,” then feel free to accept him back. But hold on there– no matter what choice you make, it is important to note that this isn’t an official piece of advice, and that you should consult a professional before making decisions based on my wonderful tips and explanations.

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  1. It’s irritating that a man would decide to not tell his lady why he’s dumping her.

  2. I dump a girl if she becomes a headache to me for a long time.

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