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Boiled Eggs Go With Bread

Have you ever tried eating some boiled eggs with a slice of bread? If not, then you’re missing good stuff!
During the holiday weekend in March I was offered some boiled chicken eggs — at first I resisted, but later when I figured I wanted some, it was too late; the eggs had been finished up.

The recipe and preparation

I had to boil some fresh eggs by myself. It took less than ten minutes to get the water boiling before I put five fresh eggs from my freezer into the boiling water. I made sure the water was enough it was almost covering the eggs. After fifteen minutes the eggs were done. I unshelled the eggs and decided to only have one for the day. This was when I remembered my bread and was thrilled to try it out with a boiled egg — and you guessed it correctly, this was very delicious! So I highly recommend this to those with adventurous palettes!

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