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Your Boyfriend or Your Passion?

“I don’t want you to be a dancer. You will have to choose between your dancing and me!”

angry-boyfriendThere has been at least one scenario where a man asks his woman to choose between him and her passion. Usually, the girl has a favorite activity or job or career that conflicts with the interests of his man, making the man to give her the difficult options. A girl once asked in a dating conference, “My boyfriend asked me to choose either him or my passion; what should I do?” In one situation, the girl’s passion is soccer. In another, the lady loves skiing a lot. The boyfriend in each situation would rather break up than have his girlfriend retain her passion. So what should you do? This is rather a very easy choice to make. Choose your passion, and then you will find a man who loves you AND your passion!

Seriously, what sane man would look his wife or girlfriend in the eyes and say “I don’t want you to be a dancer. You will have to choose between your dancing and me!”?! This actually happens. I would immediately choose dancing. Not at all too difficult of a choice. Can you guess what would happen if you decide to choose him over your passion? You will most likely develop a long lasting depression for forcing away your passion. And as days go by, your man will find other things you do that he doesn’t like, and will most likely give you the options of either him or the things you like to do!

Photo credit: John Greenfield

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Dump You

Sign You're Getting Dumped (Image)
A sign you’re getting dumped.

It has actually come to seem very difficult to lose your boyfriend. But in reality though, doing just as few as these little things will make your boyfriend dump you for sure.

  1. Always show up late to all dating arrangements you make with him.
  2. Whenever he has a “big game” going on, such as the great Superbowl, or some other event he loves, make sure you prevent him from attending or watching it! This one is kinda risky though, but you can do it.
  3. You should always show up whenever he is hanging out with his male friends. Remember, since you’re his girlfriend it means his whole life must be about you! Don’t let him have a rest with his family members, at all.
  4. You should always bite your nails in his face. Fart whenever possible. Be yourself all the time, even if you have some odd manners that could be difficult to withstand by an average Joe.
  5. Keep talking to him about your hair. Keep telling him long stories about your personal adventures. Bore him to sleep everyday.
  6. Whenever he calls you and makes an appointment with you, you should agree, and then cancel at the last minute before the event. Even more effective — don’t show up and don’t notify him in any way.
  7. Complain and whine to him whenever you see him around other girls. Remember, you should be the only girl he knows. You know, the day you two agreed to be romantically involved is the day he must disown and denounce his previous female friends.
  8. Always tell your boyfriend about things you heard about him. Tell him how some people told you they suspect he’s cheating on you (apparently the idiots that tell you these things are jealous of your relationship but who cares).
  9. Tell a lie to save yourself every single time. Piss him off, then apologize, and then repeat the same wrong you did, then apologize and so on.
  10. Whenever he advances to you for a romance time, tell him you’re not ready. Do it like eight out of ten times, in fact do it all the time for more effectiveness.

Good luck getting dumped!

Posted with permission from Thanks for the laugh, JokeFella!

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Difference Between a Banana and Plantain and Their Trees

Typical plantain
Typical plantain
Many people wonder the difference between bananas and plantains, the fruits. Others are curious about the difference in the trees. The truth is, it is much easier to explain the fruits, than the trees, in words.

Difference between the fruits

Precisely, in many cultures the main difference between a banana and a plantain is that you have to cook a banana plantain before you can eat it, while you can eat a fresh ripe banana anytime without having to cook it. In some West African grocery markets, plantains are typically bigger than bananas. Ripe bananas usually taste sweeter than ripe plantains.

Typical banana
Typical banana
Having thicker skin, plantains are more starchy than bananas, and may be used in cooking at any ripeness stage. This is in contrast to bananas, which are mostly usable when they are completely ripe.

Difference between the trees

It can be really challenging to describe just in words the difference between banana trees and plantain trees, but it is possible. There is no visible distinction between the two, unless each tree has fruits in ripening stage.

Typical banana tree
Typical banana tree
So, you can only know it is a banana tree when it has a bunch of bananas on it. The same goes for plantain trees.
Typical plantain tree
Typical plantain tree

Photo credit: Shiv, robin_24, John Asselin, and Rich Young.

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Is the European Union a Country, Federation, Confederation, Nation etc?

Finally the answer to this mystery has arrived, from the European Union itself!
For several years, I’ve been seriously confused about the real definition of the European Union (EU), so I asked the EU for an answer and got a decent reply. The following is the full conversation I had with the European Union via email:

Date: Thursday, [Aug 1, 2013] 04:21:32
From: “Ogechi A.” <…@….com>
Subject: [Case_ID: 775590 / 3335635] Is the EU a country, sovereign state, federation, or empire?

Hello, I’m an American who [has] argued with several European editors on the publication of the definition of the European Union for online encyclopedias like the Wikipedia. We have a problem coming to a consensus on what the EU actually is. So, please, I need your assistance to the answer of these two questions:
#1: Is the EU a sovereign state, nation, country, federation, confederation, or empire, with limited powers of the member states like the United States?
#2: If not, then is the EU working towards or planning to be any of those?

Thank you in advance. I await for your response, as I believe that the EU is just a great peacekeeping political and economic organization, and not any of the things listed in question #1 as the European editors I’m arguing with have claimed.
Response from the European Union:
[Case_ID: 0775590 / 3335635] [Aug 23, 2013] 07:57 AM
“Europe Direct”
Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your message. We would like to apologise for the delay.

Regarding your first question, the European Union (EU) is not a federal State like the United States of America because its member countries remain independent sovereign nations. Nor is it a purely intergovernmental organisation like the United Nations because the member countries do pool some of their sovereignty ? and thus gain much greater collective strength and influence than they could have acting individually. They pool their sovereignty by taking joint decisions through shared institutions such as the European Parliament, which represents the EU’s citizens and is directly elected by them and the Council of the European Union, which represents the governments of the individual member countries.

Regarding your second question, the integration within the EU will continue in the fields in which the Member States consider in their best interests. (The traditional EU framework covers issues like trade, globalisation, the single market, regional and social development, research and development, measures to promote growth and jobs, etc.)

For more information about the future of the EU, please see Lesson 12 the ?Europe in 12 lessons? portal:
We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions.

With kind regards,

EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre – your shortcut to the EU!

Some people, particularly Eastern Europeans and most pro-EU people, believe that the EU is a country or federation or confederation or something of that kind. In particular, many of these pro-EU fellas want a rival entity against the United States. This is understandable, seeing that the United States is very large and that its size has contributed to its world power status. Most Pro-Europe advocates believe that no European country can achieve the status of world power without increasing the size of its own territory. And the only way this can happen is through peaceful negotiations, which is currently possible via the European Union, which must become something like a “Federated Europe” for that to happen. But facing the truth clears off pitiful delusions. I asked the EU and it replied. The answer is unfortunate to pro-Federated-Europe folks, that the European Union is not a country. Neither is it a federation, confederation, sovereign state, confederacy, monarchy, republic, nor a nation. One thing we may all agree with is that the EU has been influential to Europe in keeping peace and building one voice, identity and neighborhood.

Poprama supports the European Union.

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How to Improve Running Speed and Endurance

Importance of speed and endurance

marathonRunning is very important to us for many reasons including better health and fresher looks,[1] and some of us are planning to run for a living while acquiring those other benefits as well. But to run for a living, one has to be either very fast or possess extreme endurance enough to compete with other professional athletes. The two main types of running are sprinting and distance running. Sprinting requires more of speed, while distance running requires more of endurance. Major sports like soccer, American football, baseball and track and field feature sprinting, though endurance is still needed to an extent. But distant running sports and activities like cross country, marathon, road, and track, require more of endurance.[2] So how can you improve your running speed and endurance?

How to improve running speed

  1. Practice everyday. Try to make new time records on 100 and 200 meters race each day, even if you hardly make any new record. But don’t try to push too hard. Time yourself or let a friend time you.
  2. Eating baked beetroot before running may improve your speed, according to UK’s The Telegraph’s research report which states that “scientists have discovered athletes who eat baked beetroot before a race run put in a faster time.”
  3. Drink plenty of water and organic fruit juice, but water is better if you find organic fruit juice to be acidic.[3]
  4. Remember to always stretch before and after you run; dynamic stretches before running, and static stretches (stretch and hold) after running.
  5. During running, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  6. Challenge yourself on the treadmill.

How to improve running endurance

  1. Practice daily. Keep hydrated by drinking water frequently.
  2. Use interval training, easily achieved by using the interval setting on a treadmill.
  3. Do some weight training, but don’t overwork yourself.
  4. Eating more of fruits and vegetables which have antioxidants will help you, according to MSN’s Fitbie’s reports. Such fruits and vegetables include blueberries, walnuts, and dark leafy greens.[4]

Perseverance and determination will also help you accomplish these things. When you practice for better speed and endurance, do not let things like minor discomfort hinder your progress. It is essential to have breaks once in a while, but always bear in mind that too much break can dissuade you from proceeding, therefore it is recommended that you do not give yourself too much break.

Photo credit: sophie

[1] “Running Health Benefits”, Retrieved 6/30/2013 <>.
[2] “What Are the Different Types of Running?”, eHow. Retrieved 6/30/2013 <>.
[3] “How to Run Faster”, WikiHow. Retrieved 6/30/2013 <>.
[4] “The 10 Best Superfoods for Endurance Athletes”, MSN Fitbie. Retrieved 6/30/2013 <>.

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How to Avoid or Handle an Awkward Silence

Awkward silences – we all go through that once in a while. It’s really uncomfortable especially when you’re talking with someone you’re meeting the first time. Before listing ways of preventing or avoiding an awkward silence, let’s first see the different types of it:

How awkward is it?

There’s an awkward silence that occurs between friends. This one is fair, as friends can deal with such things since they already know each other very well. Having said that, an awkward silence between family members is a little bit more unbearable. The worst scenario is an awkward silence occurring between two strangers who are just recently getting to know each other for the first time, during a conversation. Sometimes, the worst can be an awkward silence that happens during a presentation to the public.

Preventing an awkward silence

So the first question is, how can one prevent an awkward silence? Is that even possible? Well yes, it is preventable. Amongst family and friends, the best way is to keep some music playing in the background while the conversation is going on. You can leave a TV on instead, if possible. In this way, there’s something that would fill up the quietness, making it less of a silence, and in some cases making it no silence at all. If there’s no silence, there wouldn’t be an awkward silence!
Other instances of awkward silences, such as during presentation or conversation between newly met people can be prevented by constantly looking at your cellphone once in a while as if you have some messages or updates from someone else. You can also prevent the occurrence by wearing some headphones or ear buds, or by looking elsewhere every once in a while.

Handling an awkward silence that has already occurred

Once it has occurred, that particular occurrence cannot be prevented, because, well it has occurred. The easiest solution for family and friends is to yell “awkward!” and laugh it off.
Solution for newly met people or presenters is a little bit challenging, but worth it. Just say any thing you can think of to break the awkward silence. Say something like:
“Gotta love the awkward silence!”
“There it is!”
“Awkward silences are not so awkward nowadays.”
“Meanwhile in Soviet Russia, awkward silences happen too.”
“So, this is what an awkward silence feels like.”

Saying any of those things is guaranteed to break the silence, as chances are people will laugh. Then you should not wait — you are to use this opportunity to keep things going, or perhaps it’s time to bid a farewell, concluding the conversation or presentation.

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Things to do this Mother’s Day

May 2013 — As the Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so is the mood of many people changing rapidly. While some of us are getting into a better mood, others are falling down the stairs, literally — just because the Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

When kids and husband are not at reach.
When kids and husband are not at reach.
Some mothers, especially single ones, are seriously worried for no known reason. I mean if you’re worried as you’re reading this and I ask you why you’re worried you’ll have nothing to say within ten seconds.

To help control this craziness, we have compiled a little fun list of to-dos for both either the mother and the parent, spouse, or child of the mother. From the perspective of what celebs (mother or not) have been doing so far, to recipes for delicious eatables, you’ll get tons of ideas of what to do this Mother’s Day. Do these for the mom:

  • By surprise, take her to a vacation. When we say vacation here, we mean a serious one. Kim Kardashian recently went to Greece and tried out something we would all consider weird and fishy – a fish therapy. It’s where you put your feet into a fish aquarium and let the many fish kiss and bite your feet gently. This particular aquarium, or whatever it’s called, was built for this purpose with the fish. From seeing Kim Kardashian freaking out during this therapy, one may conclude that it’s something pleasurable, fun and worthwhile to try!
  • Check out super tasty recipes to prepare for the day. Don’t let her cook on Mother’s Day. Don’t order fast food either. You should prepare some tasty meal like pancakes, waffles, French toast, or quiche for breakfast or brunch. Finalize the meal with even great desserts like lemon desserts such as lemon pudding cake or lemon macaroons.
  • Create a handmade greeting card. Use color pencils, a cardboard paper, a pair of scissors, a set of varicolored permanent markers, and your imagination. Write a brief, greeting message that contains a bit of sense of humor. You may want to mention what happened a few days ago.
  • By surprise, take her to the movies to watch any movie she requests which is playing now.
  • Do a lot of chores!

To the mothers, we hope you have a very fantastic Mother’s Day! And remember, record it in your journal or diary if your loved ones forget the Mother’s Day or deliberately do nothing for you on that day. Okay that’s me joking around. Well, have a good one!

Poprama‘s advice to single mothers: stay strong. Take your dog for a walk. Visit parks. Go out often. Take a walk. If you have kids then that’s a bonus. Do not expect a lot from them, but the fact they are there is kind of a present! Once again, Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo credit: pixydust8605

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Girls: How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Often, some girls find it very difficult to ask a guy out.

Some girls keep waiting to be asked out.
Some girls keep waiting to be asked out.
Even in this modern era when equality between men and women has been greatly increased, many women have been unable to make the first move or even express their feelings to the men they like[1]. However, good news are slowly arriving as our culture evolves rapidly.

Why can’t girls ask guys out?

Ladies can ask guys out, but there are really more problems with that than when guys ask girls out. This could be due to the historical gender role culture that existed globally, in which the ladies were considered as great treasures that men should be appreciative of having and should handle with care and respect, such as when men were socially required to remove their hats in the presence of women[2]. But however this has come to be, there needs to be a way out of it for the girls — I mean the fact that a girl has to wait to be asked out.

How to ask a guy out

In a dating advice conference, a girl asked, “can I ask a guy out?” And another asked later, “how do I tell the guy I like that I like him?” For the first question the answer is obviously yes. But for the second one, well, the answer is somewhat easy but difficult to deliver. Here’s what you should do:

First, you should not be afraid of rejection, as this is usually what hinders girls from making the first move, thus having to wait and wait. Don’t do that. He will either say yes or no, which is what you would also answer if someone guy asks you out.
The big problem in this world is that it is somewhat a taboo for a girl to ask a guy out (some may believe or think that the girl is slutty).
I’m a guy and I would usually run away from any girl that asks me out, and afterwards I would have no more respect for the girl ever again. But this is the opposite for my male friends. Trust me, some guys are looking for whatever they can get, which means that they may value girls that ask them out.

Also, there are guys who are so picky, but might accept a girl who asks them out, if the girl meets their standards.
The bottom line is, do not be afraid. Just ask him out in case he might have some feeling for you as well. The only way you can find out is by asking him out now before another girl does and he accepts her, giving you a longtime emotional pain.
A friend once said in a conversation on this topic, “Out of five times that I’ve ever asked girls out, I was rejected once. I thought I would have been rejected by all of them, even though I secretly cried for that one time that I was rejected.”

So you’ve really got nothing to lose by making the first move. It’s always a hit or miss when you try, but always a miss when you don’t.
What to say to him? Any of these might work:

Would you go out with me?
Would you go out with me if I asked you out?
Wanna go out?
Wanna go out with me?
I think I like you.
I think I like you. Let’s go out.
I think I like you. Wanna go out?

Showing him signs you like him

While some people say this strategy is awesome[3], I personally don’t think it is as effective as it is made to seem. For example if all a girl does when she sees me is flirt or show all sorts of signs, I would simply assume she’s only being flirty. But still, this is just me, and many other guys may be different. My tip is that you should actually ask out the guy you really like or love.

Does it matter where you met him?

No. Whether you met the guy at college, club, travel, tourism, meetup etc, the result would still be either yes or no when you ask him out. The exception is at work where you may get in trouble if flirting and display of affection are not celebrated there.

Good luck, and share your thoughts by commenting below if you have tried asking a guy out before, and what the outcome was. Guys can share their thoughts too!

Photo credit: zoetnet

[1] “Why Don’t Women Ask Men Out on First Dates?” Mills, Michael. Psychology Today. Retrieved Apr 9 2013 <>.
[2] “Etiquette of hat wearing for men.” Many Hatty Returns. Retrieved Apr 9 2013 <>.
[3] “Why Don’t Women Ask Men Out on First Dates?” Mills, Michael. Psychology Today. Retrieved Apr 9 2013 <>.

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Boiled Eggs Go With Bread

Have you ever tried eating some boiled eggs with a slice of bread? If not, then you’re missing good stuff!
During the holiday weekend in March I was offered some boiled chicken eggs — at first I resisted, but later when I figured I wanted some, it was too late; the eggs had been finished up.

The recipe and preparation

I had to boil some fresh eggs by myself. It took less than ten minutes to get the water boiling before I put five fresh eggs from my freezer into the boiling water. I made sure the water was enough it was almost covering the eggs. After fifteen minutes the eggs were done. I unshelled the eggs and decided to only have one for the day. This was when I remembered my bread and was thrilled to try it out with a boiled egg — and you guessed it correctly, this was very delicious! So I highly recommend this to those with adventurous palettes!

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Hot Cross Buns With Fruit

Wow! First of all, you’re about to see a lot of “first” in here. This is indeed my first time to ever try out this dessert! First time to see it too. I first heard about it in a song — um, a nursery rhyme when I was

hot-cross-buns-with-fruit-2 And now I have actually seen and tasted one, yum! I suggest you try it out. This one is from Fresh Bakery, and has some fruit in it. I took the pics by myself after eating almost three servings! (Click the pics to zoom.) I’m not a calorie-dietary fanatic but I checked the amount of calories this had and it was a hundred and sixty. Not bad since it’s my first time eating it! Try offering it to your friends or neighbors during the weekend and see what superstar you’ve made yourself to be! Food-choice superstar, for that matter.

Here’s the song that started it all for me:
Hot cross buns,
Hot cross buns,
one a penny,
two a penny,
hot cross buns.
give them to your daughters,
give them to your sons,
one a penny,
two a penny,
Hot Cross Buns