Your Boyfriend or Your Passion?

Dating and Romance - Social - Social Relationships

"I don't want you to be a dancer.
How to Make Your Boyfriend Dump You

Dating and Romance

It has actually come to seem very difficult to lose your boyfriend. But in reality though, doing just as few as these little things will make your boyfriend dump you for sure.
Difference Between a Banana and Plantain and Their Trees

Food - Food to Eat - Science

Many people wonder the difference between bananas and plantains, the fruits. Others are curious about the difference in the trees.
Is the European Union a Country, Federation, Confederation, Nation etc?

Political Science

Finally the answer to this mystery has arrived, from the European Union itself! For several years, I've been seriously confused about the real definition of the European Union (E...
How to Improve Running Speed and Endurance


Running is very important to us for many reasons including better health and fresher looks, and some of us are planning to run for a living while acquiring those other benefits as ...
How to Avoid or Handle an Awkward Silence


Awkward silences - we all go through that once in a while. It's really uncomfortable especially when you're talking with someone you're meeting the first time.
Things to do this Mother's Day

Fun - Holidays

May 2013 -- As the Mother's Day is fast approaching, so is the mood of many people changing rapidly.
Girls: How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Dating and Romance

Often, some girls find it very difficult to ask a guy out.
Boiled Eggs Go With Bread

Food - Food to Eat

Have you ever tried eating some boiled eggs with a slice of bread? If not, then you're missing good stuff! During the holiday weekend in March I was offered some boiled chicken...
Hot Cross Buns With Fruit


Wow! First of all, you're about to see a lot of "first" in here. This is indeed my first time to ever try out this dessert! First time to see it too.
The Best Luggage Travel Bags


Planning to travel? Are you looking for the latest 2013 trending travel bags that are affordable? Well you're at the right place! Pick your luggage style: Travel bags for women...
What Should I Get My Girlfriend for Valentine's Day?

Dating and Romance

Thinking about what you should get your woman this Valentine's Day, or how to surprise her? You're at the right place! Whether your wallet is full or you're almost broke, you can ...
What Should I Get My Boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Dating and Romance

If you're a girl, you may have been asking, "How do I surprise my boyfriend for Valentine's Day?" Well, we've got an answer for you! You don't have to worry anymore.
How to Quit Nail Biting

Wellfare and Well Being

There are ladies and gents who gently bite and then chew the nails, and possibly ingest the bits as snack.
Top Five Scents Guys Like on Women


Often, some girls don't worry about how they smell when they are around other girls. However, they tend to become very self-aware whenever they are around guys.
Need Some Ideas for a Collage?


Do you need some ideas for a collage? Well you're at the right place at the right time. Making a collage can be really fun, and here are some great ideas for you.
What is VetNet? - Google Launches VetNet

Supreme News

Today, Google™ made it known via its homepage that it has launched a new initiative known as VetNet, for veterans.
How to Hug

Social Relationships

Hugs are generally a great way to display affection and mutual relief, and people should make the most of it whenever they have the opportunity.
How to Waste The Time

Waste Your Time Effectively

While it is very easy for some to waste a huge amount of time, a handful of others may find it very difficult to do so.
Boyfriend Dumped Me For No Reason

Dating and Romance

The problem is that the reason may not be feasible or yet understood, causing you the victim, the girl, to speculate that there was no reason for the sudden break up.
The Best Drawing Sites For Kids


You may have been looking for authentic websites that help kids learn how to draw faster and better.
Five Best Ways of Dealing With Severe Seasonal Allergies


"Wear sunglasses even indoors.

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